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At Barrister-Direct, we understand that a man’s home is his castle. We take pride in our homes and, when a product that is supposed to improve our home, affects it in a negative way, it can be upsetting, frustrating and dangerous.

If your home has deteriorated following the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation, we can assist you. At Barrister-Direct, we know the signs of ineffective or improper installation of Cavity Wall Insulation and can help you in putting your home back to where it was, before the install. We can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for having your house damaged, whether or not the company that installed your insulation are still active.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cavity Wall Insulation is the material that was recommended to millions of people across the country, to be placed in-between the two exterior walls of your home, to insulate walls in your property, thereby keeping the heat in, reducing the rate at which your home loses heat and making your house cheaper to run.

Over the past two years, it has materialised that many of the installs carried out across England and Wales were either ineffective because they were not done properly, or, improper because the homes were not actually suitable. What this has resulted in is actually a reverse of the insulation’s purpose. Millions of people across the country are now experiencing the equivalent of wet wool attempting to heat their homes, causing untold damp, mould and structural damage as the water, breaches the cavity and affects homes.

Originally, energy companies were provided with funds to allocate for Cavity Wall Insulation. This then led to subcontractors being utilised. At Barrister-Direct, we will look specifically at your Cavity Wall Insulation and who installed it. If they are a company that is still active, your claim will be against them. Alternatively, we will make a claim against CIGA – the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency. Our expert team will look into your installation and claim and ensure we find the right defendant, who can rectify your situation.

That’s okay. As long as you know who did the install and have some paperwork relating to your Cavity Wall Insulation, we can help you make a claim.

As a homeowner, we know that you take pride in your house. That’s why; any claim that we make will ensure that your house is put back into the condition it was, before the installation. We will make a claim for damages for the inconvenience of living in a property, suffering from Cavity Wall Insulation, we will also make a claim for the cost of putting it right, in addition to any other expenses that you have had to pay, because of the faulty or improper installation.

There is no single answer to this, however, at Barrister-Direct, we aim to conclude all claims of this nature, within 8-10 months.

In short, yes. If your property is suffering from Cavity Wall Insulation issues, it will not get better, but worse. If your property was in good condition, and, as a result of improper or ineffective work is now not, then, you are entitled to make a claim. Plus, at Barrister-Direct, we do all the hard work for you! We will deal with the Defendant, the surveyors and experts, making the process of fixing your property as hassle-free as possible, for you.

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