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At Barrister-Direct, we understand that if you’ve been the victim of a crime, your life changes forever. The government set up a scheme to assist and compensate blameless victims of violent crime. This is known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Application Scheme.

At Barrister-Direct, we can pursue a Criminal Injuries Compensation Application on your behalf. We can assist you in restoring justice and seeking compensation from your injuries. Be it a minor injury or life-threatening injury, physical or mental, if you were an innocent bystander of a criminal act, that was reported to the police, you can make a claim, regardless of whether or not the person was caught or charged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Application Authority is a Government scheme. It was set up to compensate innocent victims of crime.

No, the CICA have their own system of dealing with claims. This system is unique. It starts off with an Application Form. The CICA will then investigate your claim, gathering evidence from the police, your GP, hospital and any witnesses that may have seen your attack. Once the CICA have this information, they will then proceed to decide whether you are eligible for compensation. If they believe you are eligible, they will make an award. We have years of experience in best presenting your application, to ensure that you get the compensation and award you deserve, following your attack.

There are certain exceptions/exclusions to making a CICA claim. The CICA was set up to assist blameless victims of crime. Therefore, if the police deemed you to be at fault for your injuries, or, you failed to co-operate with authorities, the CICA may deem you ineligible for compensation. Previous convictions may also affect your Application. However, this is not always the case. To find out whether you could make a successful CICA, book your free no obligation telephone consultation or complete our contact form to start your claim.

As the CICA are a government-funded body, they are subject to budget cuts and restraints that impact on application time lengths. On average, we advise our clients that a claim will take between 12-18 months. Of course, we will do everything we can to speed up your claim, whilst ensuring that you are getting the best possible result.

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