Housing Disrepair Claims

At Barrister-Direct, we understand, that, when you live in a rented property, you can feel powerless against an individual or multi-national Landlord. However, your Landlord has a legal obligation to keep your property in a good state of repair – this means the structure of your home, like the walls, doors, windows and roof, the exterior and utilities. If your Landlord is failing to do this, or, refusing to carry out repairs and you or your property are suffering, we can help you.

Our specialist team understand that if your home isn’t in a good condition, neither are you. Living in a property that is in a state of disrepair can have both negative physical and mental effects. At Barrister-Direct, we have experience in dealing with difficult Landlords and their solicitors and we can ensure that your repairs are carried out, and, that your landlord compensates you for having to live in a property which is in disrepair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. There are very strong laws in place to prevent eviction in these circumstances. Also, a Housing Claim is a last resort for our clients. It is only when you have tried to get your landlord to repair your home and they have refused that you make a claim, therefore, you should not feel guilty about trying to fix your living conditions and your home.

No, you can make a claim whether your property is privately rented or rented from a local authority housing association.

Yes. Your landlord has a duty to keep your home in a proper state of repair. If you have told them of your issues and they are failing to repair them, you have a claim.

Just because you’re in arrears, this isn’t a bar to you being able to make a claim. It is a factor to consider, however, if you speak to one our expert members, we will be able to advise you on this

You can’t just stop paying rent, unfortunately. Just as your landlord has a duty to keep your home in a good state of repair, you have a duty, following the signing of your contract, to pay your rent. Not paying your rent would be deemed a breach of your tenancy agreement and would give your landlord cause to evict you.

There is no single answer for how long an accident abroad claim can take. Sometimes, the Defendant will admit that they breached their duty towards you, and carrying out repairs quickly, other times, they will not. On average, our clients experience conclusion of their claims between 6-9 months. During this time, we ensure that you are regularly updated about your claim, with letters, emails, telephone calls or home visits. We will also do everything we can to speed up your claim, whilst ensuring that you are getting the best possible result.

If your landlord isn’t aware of your problems, then, they haven’t breached their duty towards you. It is only when they have been made aware of your issues, has had a reasonable period to fix them and failed to fix them that they have breached their duty towards you. However, if you’re not sure, contact one of our team and we can help you with notifying your landlord about your issues.

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