Powers of Attorney

At Barrister-Direct, we understand that no one really wants to think about ill-health or growing old. However, when an individual’s affairs are not properly planned, this can lead to issues and complications arising, and, your wishes, not being granted in respect of both your financial affairs and healthcare or medical needs.

By making what is known as a Power of Attorney, you can ensure that your wishes are protected and that measures are in place for your future, should you need them. Through a Property and Financial Affairs power of Attorney, these measures can include the management of your financial affairs, the payment of obligations or disposing of assets. Additionally, through a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney, you can make decisions and ensure your wishes in respect of elderly care, end of life care or life sustaining treatment are protected.

Our friendly, supportive and understanding team can assist you with creating powers of attorney that are based upon your individual circumstances, wishes and needs to secure your peace of mind and future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney can cover any financial decision including paying your outgoings, managing your incomings, banking accounts, benefits or disposing of property.  A Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney can cover decisions surrounding your treatment, care, medication, where you live, any care homes that you may need and even life sustaining treatment.

Unfortunately, our lives can change in an instant. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney, your wishes are not necessarily protected and there is more distress, worry and indecision on those loved ones. Anyone over the age of 18 can make a Lasting Power of Attorney. With Barrister-Direct, your document comes with a free review service should anything in your life change.

It of course possible to write your own. However, a Lasting power of Attorney is a legally binding document and as such, it is always beneficial for legal professionals to assist to avoid any issues.

With Barrister-Direct, a single Lasting Power of Attorney, namely either a Financial or Health and Welfare document costs £350 plus VAT, plus an £82.00 registration fee, to register your documents with the Office of the Public Guardian, totalling £502.00

A dual lasting power of attorney, providing your protection for both your financial and health and welfare needs costs £600 plus VAT plus £164 registration fees, totalling £804.00.

Both services include  our free reviews for life.

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